MetaVis Backup Use Cases for your SharePoint Archiving Needs

Keep a local copy of the cloud content


Organizations use hosted (Office 365) SharePoint to author, collaborate and search for their content. Sometimes it becomes critical to access some documents during short-term hosted service interruption. For these situations it is useful to keep the actual copy of these documents on the local drives to continue using them.

Restore cloud items deleted a long time ago


Hosted SharePoint providers perform periodic backups of the client environments and keep them to recover from the catastrophic failures.  There are several problems with this approach which was addressed by developers when developing Metavis Backup:

1) Hosted providers can restore the whole environment by request. In most cases when just some documents are missing this procedure will delete all content created after the restore point. Backup may restore only certain documents keeping the rest of the environment in the current state.

2) It takes time (sometimes 24 to 48 hours) for a hosted provider to restore content. Backup enables instant access for fast and easy recovery.

3) Hosted providers keep backups for a limited amount of time (usually 30 days). Backup allows users to create customer-centric backup / store schedules which permits you to restore old content that may have been accidentally deleted.

Archive older SharePoint content


Backup can archive old SharePoint content to the file system based on some search criteria including metadata, versions, authoring and retention information. The archived content could be deleted from SharePoint freeing up space, improving the collaboration and find-ability of the recent content and while enforcing organization retention policies.

Restore or archive department content of a large organization


Backup use cases are not limited by the hosted SharePoint environment or Office 365. Restoring long lost content in a quick and easy way without rolling back the whole site is a common challenge to IT departments of large organizations.

ETL Migration


Backup is a powerful tool that performs Extract-Transform-Load migrations.  This scenario is particularly useful if you have very large sites with limited network capability.  First, the source SharePoint is offloaded to the file system including the site structures, content types, fields, lists (with list properties), list views and content with versions, metadata, authorship and retention information. Next, the content could be physically transported to the destination location. At this stage the content could be transformed like applying de-duplication algorithms. Finally, the content will be uploaded to the destination SharePoint. These kinds of migrations may improve the migration time by the factor of thousands by saving the time of transferring the content over the network. ETL migrations could also adhere to the synchronization algorithm provided by MetaVis Migrator to sync any content created or modified during the ETL phase.

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